World Record Fish

At Em you will find no less than eight out of ten world records when it comes to catching sea trout by fly fishing. No less than eight aut of the ten World Record seatrout came from the EM.18_lax_vertical
Walter H. Barret was the first when he succeeded to catch a World Record seatrout two consecutive years, i.e. 1929 and 1930. They weights were12.1 respective 12.8 kilos and they were caught in Ankarcrona pool and Lawson Pool.

During the 30-ies no less than four records were beaten.
The largest one was caught on September 8 in 1938 by Gavin Clegg. It was caught in Barret pool and weighed 13.2 kilos, 98 cm long. Another time Stig Nilsson from Mönsterås landed a male sea trout, weighing 13.5 kilos.

It was caught in Home Pool early in the morning. But the biggest of them all was caught in the 90’s. Lennart Westerlund placed his “Green waist” in Oldman Pool on September 16 in 1993. The fly stopped in the stream in front of the big oak and there it stayed. When the big fish finally started to move, the fight went on for half an hour. A very happy Lennart was able to state that the male seatrout was 103 cm and weighed 15.3 kilos.

Once again a world record was set. But probably even bigger fish have been caught. Lars Berg returned a sea trout of 107 cm in 1995 and Bo Nielsen did the same with a sea trout of 108 cm in 2004. We can only guess the weight of those fish. but the possibility that they both would have exceeded the weight of the World record fish is not unlikely. Lars-Peter Gustavsson’s salmon is worth mentioning as one of the greatest catches in the year 2000. That fish was caught in Sea Pool and it weighed 24.42 kilos. After the salmon had taken the fly, a size 6 “Tilda”, a full hour passed before it gave up. Lars-Peter was also all alone, which makes the achievement even greater.
This fish was also pictured in The Domesday Book of Giant Salmon by Fred Buller (2007).

The five biggest fly-fished sea trout at Em are as follows:
1993 Lennart Westerlund 15,3 kg 104 cm
1973 Stig Nilsson 13,5 kg 101 cm
1938 Gavin Clegg 13,2 kg  98 cm
1932 Anthony Crossley 12,8 kg  96 cm
1935 Fitz Sampson-Way 12,8 kg  96 cm
The five biggest fly-fished salmon at Em are as follows:
1992 Leo Postonen 24,6 kg
2000 Lars-Peter Gustavsson 24,42 kg
1992 John E Derehed 24,4 kg
1998 Sten Hellberg 21,5 kg
1986 Berne Bringsen 21,0 kg