Other adventures

There are many outstanding adventures to be experienced in the environment and country-side.

To hear:

  • Whirling waters at the outflow of the river (oset)
  • A rushing river
  • Jumping salmon
  • Bellowing fallow deer
  • The sound from the nightjar
  • Calls from the wild geese
  • Screaming pheasants

To see:

  • Blue anemones, white anemones and cowslips on the island in the spring
  • Butterfly orchids alongside the river
  • The mulberry tree at the gable
  • Broad-leaf trees in the park (oak, beech, lime-tree, chestnut)
  • Festively-dressed people in front of the main house in the evening sun
  • Fly-fishermen in the river having a fish hooked on the fly
  • Twinflowers in the forest at midsummer time
  • The wild flight of the swifts
  • The evening rounds of the bats
  • The hares jumping Picture gallery